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16 Years Experience

Pro-Worth is a professional real estate consulting firm in Gaborone , Botswana. We provide all property & asset valuation services as per International Valuation Standards governed by RICS and REIB. We are known for our Quality Management Systems, reputable for Customer Satisfaction, and reliable for Complaints Handling. Our team has valued more than 10,000+ properties with market value of BWP5+billion, for over 1000+ clients, across Botswana and internationally.

Maximise Profits & Objectives

We can help review your property portfolio objectives & critically analyse whether your property portfolio is well suited to those objectives.

Acquire New Space

An Pro-worth property advisor can help you review suitable options & identify opportunities that will best meet your requirements to align with your property portfolio

Meet Compliance Standards

Independent property advice can help you assess the value of non-specialised & specialised assets, as well as provide documentation for accountants & auditors.

What We Offer


Property Valuation

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Trading Properties, Specialized Properties (Filling Station, Hotels, Lodges, etc.,) Market Research.


Value Add Advisory

Land Surveying & Title Deed Registration, Facilities Management, Property Investment Advisory, Real Estate Training


Real Estate Brokerage

Property Purchase, Property Sale, Property Leasing, Property Management


Industrial Valuation

Trading Assets, Plant & Machinery, Equipment, Infrastructural installations.


Major Clients

We have provided our valuation and real estate brokerage services to Governments, Commercial Banks, Financial Lenders, Finance Companies , Insurance Companies, Investment Firms Asset Managers, Property Developers, Real Estate Mortgage Companies, Property Management Companies, Facilities Management Companies, Family & Homeowners Associations, Law Firms, Audit Companies, and Public and Private Corporates in Botswana and internationally.


Core Services

We value your residential, commercial and industrial and trading real estate assets with the best of results, ethics, service and value for money. Our asset valuation services also cover machinery, equipment, industrial infrastructure installations, marine equipment and companies, which are carried out through our carefully selected local and international partner companies. Our brokerage services are extended on arm’s length basis and equally professionally.


Why Choose Us?

Top Rated Valuation Professional
International Valuation Standards (RICS) Compliant
15+ Years of Valuation Experience
All Asset Valuations
Scientific Derived Valuations
Transparent Disclosure of Valuation Reports
Affordable & Negotiable Fees
Same Day Client Service (Ahead of TAT)


Happy Customers


Advisory and Valuations


Billion BWP Transactions


Years of Experience

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Brian Mwiimbu Sokesi

Company Agent , Prestine Property

Real Estate Agents & Property Managers

From market value assessments to rental reviews & lease consultancy, Pro-worth provides independent advice to real estate agents & their clients Real estate agents often recommend the services of a Pro-worth valuer to their clients in need of an independent market value assessment or specialised property services. We receive referrals from clients who may require pre-sale or pre-purchase advice, or a valuation for transfer duty purposes. Pro-worth’s valuation team also provides insurance assessment and replacement valuations, not just for dwellings but for large apartment or other developments communal property; and sectional title unit valuations for Body Corporates and Owner Corporations.

Property Developers

Property valuations & specialist advisory services for property developers Property developers may require a valuation or quantity surveying report during many stages of a property development or when applying for finance. The valuation services Pro-worth provide include progress payment reports, project development feasibility studies, project estimation and budget planning, property procurement and property portfolio reports. Developers may also require our professional services for building contract or tender reviews, bills of quantities and schedule of rates.

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