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Business Valuations

Business valuation is not about just numbers, but its importance lies in understanding the company, its road map, its business plans and its uniqueness and the sector to which it belong.
The business valuation professionals at Pro-Worth provide practical insight on subjects starting from strategic and operational affairs to complex finance and legal issues.
Our role shall be to derive the value drivers of business, its positioning in the market relating to its listed peers and laying emphasis on the promoters? background, management team, and then converting these business prepositions into the number to derive its business value.
Business valuation is relevant in the context like sale of business, stake sale, private equity investment, debt funding, Joint venture, merger & acquisition etc. Our valuation advisory team provides expert opinion and reports based.
With an extensive list of satisfied clients across the globe, we cater to a wide range of industries including manufacturing, retail, distribution, healthcare, natural resources, finance, technology, media and communication, hospitality, etc.
We tailor the scope of our business valuations to our client’s specific needs and the purpose of the engagement. When appropriate, our valuation report provides an overview of the company, industry, economy; discusses value drivers; outlines the analysis performed, along with the inputs and assumptions; and incorporates detailed exhibits that support our valuation conclusion.
Our unique approach ensures that you get personalized attention right from the start while helping you keep the costs under check.