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Plant, Machinery & Equipment Valuation

As increasing demand from leasing companies and banks for the evaluation of cars, cranes, heavy vehicles, construction equipment’s and earth moving machines (equipment’s), we have experts who are well specialized in providing the services as they jointly work with our experienced loss adjusters who are experts in handling complex claims in automobile and engineering claims.

Our qualified engineering partners take care to thoroughly inspect the vehicle across a comprehensive checklist and provide a detailed evaluation report, include vehicle and documents details with images and chassis imprint along with refurbishment cost and automobile history.

We assist our clients to fully understand the core value of their assets which facilitate them to make informed business decisions. We provide a complete spectrum of services for each type of assets for various purposes:
Valuation Purpose
* Lending purposes
* Acquisitions & Disposal
* Insurance Purpose
* Internal and external Audit purposes

We act on behalf of:
* Local & International Banks
* Private Companies
* Insurance Companies
* Characted Accountant Firms
* Government Bodies

Industries we cover
* Manufacturing
* Printing & Packaging
* Construction
* Clothing & Textiles
* Hospitals & Health-care

Commercial Valuations
* Transport & Logistics
* Hotels
* Industrial properties
* Food & Beverages
* Agriculture & Farming  

Our team of experienced chartered engineers and registered valuers have sound knowledge and expertise in various sectors, because which enables us to provide clients with plant equipment and machinery valuation or movable asset valuation across the wide spectrum of sectors. Our panel of skilled professionals will provide dedicated service to clients with accurate evaluations and reports. Our diverse experience in virtually every possible asset valuation arena will help clients take informed decisions in their business. Our certification and membership in professional appraisal organizations assure high standards of valuation and strict adherence to code of ethics and reporting. We also value the Intangible and Intellectual Properties which often accompany the change in ownership of plants, Plant and Machinery Valuation Services in Botswana . Intangible Assets can be defined as nonphysical assets that grant rights and privileges and has value to the owner.